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A taste of sunshine and the Caribbean in Plymouth Market

Feed your soul at SoulFood Vendor, Plymouth Market’s latest foodie offering
If you love good food and something a little different, try our newest food stall, SoulFood Vendor, here in Plymouth Market.
Specialising in authentic, fresh cooked Jamaican dishes, perfect for meat eaters, veggies and vegans, this new venture is a celebration of owner Richard Dyer’s Jamaican heritage and passion for cooking.

Spice of life in Plymouth Market
Richard, partner Jade and their team will be spicing up the lives of Plymouth Market’s customers with their delicious, 100% made-from-scratch dishes using fresh ingredients such as cumin, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg and cinnamon, spices native to the Caribbean. Packed full of flavour and healthy antioxidants, SoulFood Vendor’s food will taste good and do you good too!

You can choose from a mouth-watering, varied menu which features Jamaican favourites such as goat curry, Jerk chicken, Irie Irie vegan curry, plantain, jammin’ patties and more…

A great location in Plymouth Market
Plymouth Market was the ideal location for SoulFood Vendor: Richard loves the heritage of this beautiful listed building, its great community of fellow stall holders and its real advantages of a fantastic location, cheap parking and great customer facilities.

SoulFood Vendor has been fitted out to give customers the feel of an authentic Caribbean shack with a stunning flower wall, grass carpeting, funky lighting and a reggae soundtrack playing non-stop in the background. A treat for all the senses!

Rum cocktails in Plymouth Market
One of SoulFood Vendors USPs is that it will sell authentic Jamaican cocktails featuring rum and other Caribbean ingredients including coconut and Jamaican ginger beer – you can even order a fresh bean coffee with a rum shot – an instant pick-me-up to your day.

All that and the legendary Red Stripe lager too – SoulFood Vendor is serving up favourite tastes of the Caribbean.